June 3, 2013

Graham, you're 3!!!

To my sweet baby Graham:

It's been three years since you came crashing into this world, and made your daddy and me parents. How is it possible? I really don't know. But, I bet countless momma's before me have asked the same question. How do three years go by so quickly, and yet I can't even imagine how we lived, or what we lived for, before you were here. A baby changes everything. Truer words were never spoken. When your daddy and I brought you home from the hospital to our little 2 bedroom apartment, we weren't sure what to do with you! It was so surreal that we suddenly had this enormous responsibility wrapped up into one tiny, fragile human that we already held so much love for it was downright terrifying. But we learned as we went, the three of us together. We made some mistakes (we make new ones everyday) but thankfully, you are very forgiving. You've never held a grudge, and amazingly you love us an incredible amount, too in spite of ourselves. Though, you'll never know the depth of the love we hold for you, until you become a parent yourself.

Well, Bubbas it looks like we survived the "Terrible Two's" although, really, they haven't been so terrible. No, it wasn't always easy. Bedtime has been by far our most challenging obstacle. In November, I was really starting to believe you might never go to bed on your own or sleep through the night again! But in December, a switch flipped, and you would stay in your bed if we left your bedroom door open. You still have trouble going down for bed most nights, but you usually make it through until at least 2 am before climbing into bed with us.

Tantrums have been another (expected) hurdle. You are strong-willed, and when you look at your family tree, that shouldn't be a surprise. :) I know it seems like we are sometimes trying to squash your free spirit, a spirit that has so many incredible advantages. But I promise, we are just trying to help you deal with disappointment, learn the rules of our society and mature into a functioning and healthy person. It's SO hard. Sometimes, all I want to do is be able to tell you yes to everything! Other times, I get so frustrated with you I might burst!! But no matter how angry/upset/frustrated I get with you, you can turn around and melt my heart just as fast.

Along with your headstrong ways, you have the most precious, loving, tender heart I have ever encountered. Being polite, loving, funny, and sweet comes SO naturally to you. I am starting to realize the incredible influence I have on your little boy heart, as your momma. A heart that will one day be the heart of a man. I hope and pray that I am helping to shape you into the kind of Godly husband and father the Lord wants you to be. I pray that the Lord will help us to teach you to be a righteous man, and a man you can be proud to be. I know how much you love me now, and how much you always want me with you. I know that will change sooner than I expect. I am trying to savor these precious moments where you want me to sit right next to you, hold you, hold your hand and listen to your every word. I promise to try to be more present with you and your sister and to, as you say, "put your phone down"  :)

You are so smart, Graham. You are such a quick learner. It is so fun that we can hold a real conversation with you, and to listen to what is going on in that little mind of yours. You love music so much, and you know nearly every word to every song that comes on the radio often. (Pretty much country music's top 40 ;) You are so adorable sitting in your carseat, looking out the window and just singing your little heart out. Your favorite song is by far, "Wagon Wheel" by Darius Rucker, and you ask to hear it multiple times a day.

You can count to 14, say your ABC's, you know colors, you can say your prayers, and you can take your shoes on and off. You love your moose and still have your paci (that will be gone soon, though!) You are starting to potty train, and you love to play outside, swim, read books, and watch Backyardigans.

We love you more than words could ever explain, Graham. We are so thankful God sent you to us, and we can only pray that he will help us to be the best parents to you we can be.

Happy 3rd birthday, Bubba!!!!

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Very sweet post. :-)