September 14, 2013

San Antonio Trip! Part 1

At the end of June we took a family trip to San Antonio to go to Sea World! I hadn't been since I was a kid myself, so we were all excited :) We stayed right on the River Walk at the Hyatt. The hotel was so neat because the river ran right through it!

On the way to San Antonio, we stopped at the Natural Bridge Caverns. It was really fun!! We had never been, and we all loved it. Graham was a little sad we didn't get to see any bats, though. We couldn't believe how huge the caverns were!

Wandering around waiting for our tour


 My camera died about a quarter of the way through the tour, so I didn't get too many pictures of the caverns. It was a really fun little pit stop though, and the kids loved it!! The backstory on the caverns on how they were discovered is pretty neat, too. Natural Bridge Caverns We just carried the kids, but you could even take a stroller. I would recommend using a baby bjorn or another type of carrier. We forgot to bring ours, but it wasn't too bad. After our detour, we headed to our hotel to get settled in, and grabbed some Mexican food on the River Walk. After dinner, we did a river boat ride and the kids loved that! It was dark by then, and Graham finally got to see some bats under one of the bridges :)

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Christina said...

We have always wanted to do the caverns. Brian went as a kid and said it was really cool. Graham's hair is getting so thick. Cute family shot. :-)