October 7, 2013

Claire: 18 Months

On September 19th Claire turned 18 months!! I can't believe in less than 6 months we will have a 2 year old on our hands! It has been a long time since I did an update on our sweet girl, so there will be a lot of info. :)

 In June we weaned Claire (and Graham... I know, I know) from their paci's! Claire was not a happy girl for the first couple of days, but we ploughed through and didn't cave!! Yay for being paci-free at the Pokorny house!! :)

Claire is weighing in at a solid 25 pounds these days. The chunk on her thighs is so adorable!! I just love watching her run around with those chubby little baby legs!

She is a big-time Momma's girl. I mean really. I feel bad for Chad!! She definitely loves her daddy, don't get me wrong but if Mommy is within sight, forget it. I have to say, secretly I adore that she loves me (the feeling is mutual!) but, I wish she would giver her poor daddy a break.

Claire loves her big brother, and tries her best to keep up with him. I really don't think she realizes she is younger at all! If we are playing with friends, she will want to run with the big kids instead of playing with a baby her own age!

She is generally a good eater. She all of the sudden is loving the little baby food pouches of veggies and fruit, so I've been supplementing her meals with those so she gets more veggies into her diet. She loves PB&J just like her big brother.

She drinks about 16 oz of milk a day. We tried to wean her from her bottles, but she was not having it, so we are putting it off a little longer. She just wants a bottle before bed and first thing in the morning. She'll drink water and juice out of her sippy all day long.

Claire is now going to MDO on Thursdays! She is doing so great, and I LOVE her sweet teachers.

She naps from about 12:30/1pm to around 3:30 most days.

She loves bath time, playing with her baby dolls, being tickled (she will even tickle herself-- it is the cutest thing ever!) She'll say "tickle tickle tickle" and CRACK up, seriously adorable!!!

She runs, climbs, and is even starting to hop and jump!

She is so talkative! I think copying her brother has helped, but she is so verbal!! Here are a few of the words she says often and extremely clear:

-Mommy and Daddy
-Milk-ah (she says this when referencing her sippy in general)
-Thank you (Sounds kind of sing-songy and like think-choo!)
-No (She has this one down PAT)
-I want that (her first sentence!)
-Tee tee
-Shoe (she is obsessed with shoes!!!)
She blows kisses, and actually does the smooching sound!

She is definitely keeping us on our toes, and is still such a good girl. She can be quite dramatic and strong-willed! She has started throwing the occasional tantrum, too. We love this crazy girl and couldn't live without her!!! Happy 18 months, Claire Bear!

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