October 28, 2014

Hey There

So, I accidentally took a year off of blogging...oops! I really have no good excuse. Life just got in the way, pictures piled up, and before I knew it, I had about ten thousand blog posts to catch up on. We've had an amazing year so far, so I'll try my best to go back and catch up on all the highlights. For now, here's a quick update on everyone!

Chad: This guy had a birthday this month! He turned 29 on the 16th.  He's working hard as always. Still doing crossfit at least twice a week, and started meeting up with a friend one morning a week for bible study. He's also coaching Graham's Tball team (which is the cutest thing ever.)

Bren: I've been busy taking care of our little crew! Shuttling the kids to the park, children's museum, playdates with friends and preschool. Trying my best to cook most nights, and having fun finding new and tasty recipes. Working on getting our house put together. I started working out regularly and last fall I finally got my booty in gear and got down to my goal weight.

Graham: Our little guy turned 4 in June. He's loving his preschool class, learning how to write and getting ready for Kindergarten! He had his first Tball game this weekend, and is so excited about his first season. I'm happy to report that he has really matured over the last couple of months and has become a much easier kid. Three was pretty brutal, but 4 is proving to be much better. He's pretty much officially done with naps, loves the color green and recently decided that he does not like cheese. Ha!  

Claire: Little Miss is 2 and a half. She's definitely got some attitude, but mostly still her happy, sweet self. She's in preschool two days a week, and takes baby ballet one day a week. She loves it! She knows her colors, can count to twenty, sings dozens of songs and calls ALL bugs "itsy bitsy spiders." :) She loves anything princess, mermaid and pink. Her favorite movie is Barbie Rapunzel. Still a mama's girl. I'm totally ok with that.

So that's what's new with us and our  SWEET LITTLE LIFE

January 6, 2014