February 6, 2015

Happy Friday!!!

Today is my first day linking up with Friday Favorites! I've been loving this series for a long time, but I am just now getting around to joining in on the fun. :) I've done a lot of pinning lately, especially home decor. One of our top goals this year is adding some upgrades and customizing our house. I'm so excited! It could be all of the Fixer Upper episodes we have been watching that got Chad on board, but hey--whatever works, right!? 
This week, I'm loving navy as an accent color! It just seems so classic, but fresh at the same time. And I love that it will go with every season and really add an unexpected pop of color. Most of our walls are Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray, and while I love it, after living with it for about 8 months, I think we need to infuse some more color into the house. 

I'm thinking we'll paint Chad's office a rich shade of Navy. Chad loves this color too, and our floors are similar in shade to the picture here, so I think it will look amazing! 

Our powder room (which is next to Chad's office) is currently Gauntlet Gray by SW. I really wanted a dramatic look for it, but it just didn't have the right effect I was hoping for. I think what would really pack a fun but gorgeous punch would be this floral wallpaper from Designers Guild.
Possibly with a gold framed mirror and some gold accessories. 

Obsessing over these monogrammed towels also:

A gorgeous navy sofa would tie it all together in the family room. 

I've been debating between getting a leather sofa or not because it would be more practical with the kiddo's, but Chad really wants a leather chair. I like mixing fabrics, so I don't want all leather.

Navy might be the perfect solution! 

{All Pinterest pictures}

Right now I've got a bad case of the fever... puppy fever!! I am in love with these two breeds!



Aren't they precious?! They are similar breeds, and shed very little! They have personalities like labs, are very intelligent, easy to potty train, great with kids and very playful but not yippy. They even like to swim! Sounds like the perfect puppy to me. Now all I need to do is convince Chad ;)
Ok, I know I'm way late to the game, but we just got Netflix around Christmas, and we've been binge-wathcing Friday Night Lights. We had never seen a single episode before, and Chad and I are both hooked. We just started season 3... What can I say? I love a good teen drama! Now if only Dawson's Creek were on Netflix.....

Which brings me to my next favorite, our new Roku

My sister and her husband have Cards Against Humanity and we play it every time we visit them in Austin. The name doesn't lie, it is a party game for horrible people. It's so terrible that it's hilarious, and we can't stop playing it. Although we probably should. 

I'm loving these flush mount lights from Shades of Light to replace all the "boob" light fixtures around our house! They have a ton of gorgeous options, and plenty under $100. We only have about 3  of those little boob lights, but they have got to go. 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and I'm all about these adorable printables 

Whew! I am SO glad it's Friday, we've had a crazy week, along with a tummy bug attack our house , and way too much time indoors.  We are ready for a fun (and hopefully, healthy) weekend!