March 19, 2015


On March 19, 2012 at exactly 11:44 am you came into the world!! Since that minute, you have brought nothing but joy to our lives. You are such a blessing, sweet girl. Claire means "illustrious, bright, clear" and you are most definitely the light of our lives. I pray that you grow to have the light of Christ with you, and shine His light to all who know you. We thank God for you every day, sweet Claire. You are all I imagined, hoped for and prayed for in a daughter. Even down to your gorgeous deep brown eyes. We love you, Claire Bear!!!


You at Three:

You are such a great talker, you've been speaking in full sentencing for a year now! Although, recently, you've been pointing at things and grunting, but when I tell you to use words, you'll say something like "Momma, can you please get me my baby doll from my room?" Haha. In short, you're a complete mess and I think you love being the baby of the family.

You are so funny!!! You love to make us laugh, you are always doing a goofy dance, or singing a princess song. The crazy faces you make are hilarious, and you can be a bit dramatic, just like the rest of your crazy family!

You are NOT potty trained yet. You were doing so great, and even going to school in panties, but after a bout with a stomach virus, we're back to square one. Your times, up though because mommy will be taking away the pull-ups in the very near future! When I told you you'd be in big girl undies when you turn three, you looked at me and said "Mmm, I don't think I want to turn three." Oh, Lord!

You love princess movies, and barbie Rapunzel! You love playing with your dolls, and I'll find them in the middle of the living room or on the couch covered up with blankets often. Such a good little momma :) You'll also hand me one of your babies and tell me to "shush" them, so cute!

You know ALL the colors, can count to 18 consistently, you can dress yourself and put your shoes on.  You love to wear your Anna Coronation dress, and will say "Momma, can I play dress up at your house?" So funny! Your favorite food is cupcakes, and your favorite colors are pink and purple!!! You love lipgloss, nail polish and all things girly.

Graham, or Bubba as you call him, is your best friend. You love him so much, but he does make you cry a lot! But he loves taking care of his little sister, and you love him a lot. Y'all sleep in the same bed every night, until you both make it down stairs to our room, that is.

You are so tender-hearted and if we get onto you about anything, you pout and say "You're mad at me." It's pretty ridiculous. You know how to work the system.

You love to sing, dance, color and you have a great imagination! You play really well by yourself a lot, and can keep yourself entertained.

We can't wait to see everything you learn this year, and more of the little girl you're quickly becoming!!! You're a big girl, now!!





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April Bryan said...

She is precious!!! Girls are so much fun and at this age for sure!