August 27, 2015

Meet Lucy

**Warning: Long post that is probably going to bore most of you, but I had to officially document Lucy's story of how she became ours!!** 

Mother's Day weekend we went over to my parents house to swim and eat, and a little visitor arrived. My dad said she had been there all morning, so we went out and had a look. There was the cutest lab mix I'd ever seen! She had a collar on but no tag, and didn't look malnourished but her coat was a little worse for the wear.

She had the sweetest demeanor, and let us pet her right away! She stayed in the driveway all day. My dad, being the huge animal lover that he is, ended up giving her some food and water. My mom said she slept in the flower bed that night. The next day, my parents let her hang out in the backyard/garage. She slept in their garage that night...and the next. My mom put out some fliers in their neighborhood and asked around to see if she could find her owner.

I'd been talking to Chad about getting a dog for awhile, but he was not on board AT ALL. I was hoping to talk him into it by Christmas ;)  Once I saw Lucy and saw how sweet she was, I was in love! I begged him to think about adopting her if we couldn't find her owner. My parents also kept telling us how mellow she was and that she seemed like she'd  be a great dog.

On Wednesday, we decided to take her to the vet to see if they could find a chip in her and see if she'd been spayed and how old she might be. No chip was found, but the Vet was almost certain she'd been spayed and that she was 3 years old or less. We took her back to my parents house and discussed that afternoon if we should give her a little "trial run" with us. Well, wouldn't you know that night my mom called and said a lady that saw the flier contacted her and that Lucy was her dog.

 My mom chatted with her and she'd told my mom that the dog's name is Minnie and that they lived on some land near my parents neighborhood and while they were out of town, she had hopped the fence and ran off during a thunderstorm. The lady said that Lucy had shown up on their property when she was around 6 months old and that they nursed her back to health, had her spayed and kept her as a yard dog ever since. She's only about 18 months old, too. She said she had run off several times before but that she was really sweet and loved to be around people. My mom told her how we'd been thinking of keeping her if we couldn't find her owner and the lady said that would be fine with her since she hated that she kept running away. I called the lady to talk to her about everything, and as it turns out, Chad and I went to school with her son and she and her husband were in the same Sunday school class as Chad's parents for years! We were so relieved to know she'd been taken care of by a nice family and that she hadn't been abused or neglected! We agreed we'd pick her up the next day and bring her to our house to see how she'd do.

On Friday, the kids and I went to Petco and  picked up food, toys, a crate, dog bowls, a collar and leash and brought her to our house. We had already started calling her Lucy before we found out her real name, so Lucy stuck. Chad had dogs growing up but they were always outside dogs, I grew up with pomeranians, so it was the complete opposite for me. Chad said he'd never want a dog in the house, but somehow I convinced him to try it out... and Lucy has been perfect from day one!!! She'd never been an inside dog before, and she was in heaven from the second we brought her home! She didn't try to jump on the furniture or pee on the rug, she  she laid down with the kids and while they put on Homeward Bound for her, hahaha. So fitting.

She had a few health issues when we got her, and now that she's been with us a few months she is thriving! She had some fleas at first, so we gave her a bath with the blue dawn dish soap and put her on flea treatment. Our vet said she is allergic to fleas, so she had scratched and nibbled herself and her coat was sparse in some places. Even from July to now she looks so much better! You can really tell in these pictures how good her coat looks now.  She also has a mild case of heart worms, and we have her on a heart worm medicine now and may take the next step and do the fast kill method to get rid of them for good. 

She has us all obsessed with her and Chad has said from the beginning how happy he is that we found her! He's even come around to say that he thinks his dogs growing up were never that good because they were never allowed in the house, haha. We also love what a good watchdog she is!! When we're gone, she pretty much stays planted on the catwalk upstairs so she can keep a good eye on the house. If one of the kids starts crying at night, she will beat us upstairs to check on them. We are all obsessed with her and we are so lucky she found us!

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