September 11, 2015

Family Beach Trip!! {2015}

In August we hit the road for our first Florida family beach trip!! Usually, we go to Galveston for our annual family beach trip, but this year we decided to do something different and make the trek to Florida! We stayed in Watercolor, which is basically a beach resort which kind of wraps around Seaside, Florida. We loved it!!

**Get ready for picture overload**

We left bright and early on Friday morning and caravanned to Baton Rouge where we stayed for the night and met up with our cousins. Our brother in law went to LSU so he took us to one of his favorite places for lunch, right by the LSU campus, The Chimes. So good! 

The next morning, we hit the road and arrived crossed through Mississippi, Alabama and arrived before dinner. The kids swam while me and my sister went and got the essentials at the local grocery.

We rented a awesome house which had its own private pool and hot tub (note: they won't allow you to use the heater in the spa during the summer months. I'm still a little bitter.) But other than that, it was awesome! We booked it on HomeAway, I am obsessed with that app. I don't think I'll ever stay in a hotel again, ha!

 The next day we ate breakfast and hit the beach! 
And did pretty much that same routine for the next seven days. 
Such is life in Florida.


For dinner, we took turns cooking at the house, and a few nights went into town.
There are a ton of food trucks and restaurants right on the beach.
We ate at Pickles the first night. Gotta say, overpriced and not too impressed. 

 The sno-cones from from Frost Bites were a huge hit!! 

We rented bikes on the second day (its a huge biking community) and that was so fun. Seaside is really picturesque so it was fun checking out all the beach cottages and biking to the local market. Mer and I went to the Farmers Market one day and got the best crab cakes and this amazing fish dip.

 Mer made us wear bike helmets. #bossybigsis 
 Love this shot of Graham and his Papa. They are best buds. 
Graham sure does love his Grandpa's.

 You can't really tell in this picture, but Mer and I buried the kids and tried to make them Mermaid and Merman tails. Haha.
The girlies!

This morning we took the kids on a bike ride to a park we found in Seaside. We grabbed some breakfast and iced coffee on the way. 

 This was the day we took a break from the beach, relaxed and had a blast playing in the pool. There may have been a few batches of margaritas and a lot of shenanigans. 

For dinner, we went to the Shrimp Shack and ate on their beach front pavilion. 
I got the best shrimp gumbo!! Can't beat this view. 

The next day we went down early to the beach and could not believe how calm the water was!! Not a single wave, it was perfect for the kids. It felt like the Bahamas. 

 Cousin love!!!

Beach babe

Thats a giant mimosa in my hand was from the local market. 
They also had the best iced mocha coffees. 

Love this surfer boy.

The guys.

The week ended and we headed home on Saturday morning. Got to catch this gorgeous sunrise and then a double rainbow later. 

 Our only hiccup was the blowout we had on I-10 just before we crossed into Texas. Of course, I'd just gotten behind the wheel to give Chad a little break when the low tire pressure light came on and right as I was  pulling over, the tire just shredded. Chad changed it pretty quick and we thankfully were back on the road in no time.

Overall, it was an amazing trip spent with our family making memories!!! 
Already looking forward to the next trip!!!