November 15, 2016

Coming in May...

I am 14 weeks along, and feeling good for the most part. Our last doctor's appointment was at 11 weeks and baby was measuring one day ahead and the heart beat was 154 bpm. My due date is May 13th which just seems like forever away. This pregnancy has been pretty easy except for some evening sickness and a lot of exhaustion. I feel like I've been pregnant forever already, I'm so happy to be in the second trimester. We can find out in one week if we are having another boy or another girl! Chad is trying to convince us to be surprised, but I told him the pregnancy itself was surprise enough, ha!

Claire wants a sister and Graham wants a brother so I'm trying to prepare them both.  They are super excited and ask all the time how big the baby is. Claire is excited for it to be the size of a banana (20 weeks).  I asked Claire if she would be sad if the baby is a boy and she said "No! I'll be sad if it's a grown up." Me too, Claire. Ouch!

I've had two dreams it's a girl and one dream that it's a boy, so really I have no clue. I can't tell if it's more similar to my pregnancy with Graham or Claire, not that that really matters, anyway.

We are so thankful for this new little life. I sometimes still can't believe we will have another baby in our house in 6 months but we can't wait for our newest little love to join our family!

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