April 1, 2017

Fort Worth House Tour

So now that we've been in our house nearly six months, I thought it was time to share a few pics of our new digs! We have settled in nicely, and we really love our house so much! We still have a few pieces of furniture we need to buy and not one wall has been painted, but I actually kind of like the white. I feel like it makes the artwork pop. Window treatments are still on the to-do list but it all takes time.

Here's the entryway...

Family Room: Still in search of an ottoman/coffee table. Can't make up my mind what I want!

Kitchen: My favorite part of the house!

Dining area: We don't have a formal dining room, but we hardly ever used the one in our old house, so we don't really miss it. We need to add two chairs to the ends of the tables.

Guest bath:

Master Bedroom:

Master Bath:

Back Porch:

Graham and Claire's shared room:

Mud Room: Love this space!!! It's so nice to have a spot dedicated to mail and backpacks, etc.

Guest Room Bath:

Guest Room:

 Upstairs Playroom: Organizing this space has been on my to-do list foreeeverrrr but I can't seem to make myself do it, ha! Also, fun fact: Lucy's favorite spot in the house is this couch and the kids closet. I'm always finding her up there snoozing. Thank the lord for slipcovers!!!

That's pretty much it!! The nursery is almost complete (just need to hang curtains) so I'll be posting pictures of that soon!! :)

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